Two people posing atop a ridge, overlooking a desert plain
California Pop

Dabble in more than a little California kitsch as Anthony and Shikira discover everything from towering space-age plane installations in the desert, to the Bigfoot Museum in Felton, which unsurprisingly left its mark!

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  • Two men on scooters on a paved city center
    Lucky in love

    Gary and Dean in Washington DC

    Gary and Dean explore Washington by the toss of a coin. A journey of discovery that covers everything from kayaking the Potomac to tucking into the best chili dogs in town.

  • A couple laughing whilst leaving a speedway stadium
    Lucky in love

    Alana and Josh in Fort Worth

    When Alana and her boyfriend, Josh visited Fort Worth in Texas they let fate lead them and decide where to go on the toss of a coin. The results were as unexpected and they were amazing.

  • A passenger steambot rumbles along the New Orleans river
    Lucky in love

    Rachel and Paul in New Orleans

    Rachel & Paul find themselves in New Orleans, where they decide it's best not to decide anything and instead let the coin toss lead them around the city. After all, what could be an easier way to discover The Big Easy?

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